break through your vocal limitations in my reliable vocal technique.

Reach your full potential through techniques used in the bel canto style. The bel canto style focuses on natural and organic breath control, vowel formation, posture and grounds the body to create a beautiful and balanced tone.


My students have gone on to produce music on Spotify, and compete in competitions like The voice and American Idol. But above all I think that music is a personal journey of self growth and discovery of what your voice can do for you given the tools. Some students want to be better in order to develop a professional career. Others just want to inspire others when they sing in church or improve their skills to be a better singer to sing to their grandchildren. The journey is yours to decide.


I am a professional lyric soprano currently working in opera and other genres. I studied at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York (USA), one of the top ranked conservatories in the world.  After earning my bachelor’s degree in music from Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey (USA) I moved to Florence, Italy and earned a Bienno (master’s degree) from the prestigious Luigi Cherubini Conservatorio.

Along with my career as a trained vocalist and opera singer, I have been teaching for over 10 years. I started my teaching career at Backstage Performing Arts Center in Rutherford, New Jersey (USA), and additionally taught at Home Sweet Home Music in Livingston, New Jersey, and The Modern Music Academy in Caldwell, New Jersey.  I launched my own studio, Daniela Di Pasquale, LLC, in 2015, and now I teach online students from all over the world, including Germany, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, USA, and Italy.  I welcome students of all levels and ages.



I apply fundamental vocal techniques from the Italian school of the bel canto which can be applied to all genres and styles of lyric singing. My philosophy is that a good singer must have 3 things: understanding the theory (solfeggio, music reading, intonation, rhythm, etc.), understanding the vocal technique (training and coordination of the muscles of the vocal anatomy), and the ability to tell a story through expression and emotional connection. These three things combined create a comprehensive set of skills and forms a well-developed musician.

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